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The injured worker can receive these benefits:

Restoration of lost wages

You may receive temporary disability payments if you can not work because of their injuries. The insurance company of your employer may use a different methods for determining the amount of your payments. This could result in your receiving less money than you would otherwise be entitled to as part of your disability compensation. With the help of a lawyer who represents injured workers you can be assured that they will receive their full benefits. Continuation of payment, or COP, is pay that is the equivalent of an employee's regular salary for up to 45 calendar days of wage loss. COP is not considered compensation and is therefore subject to normal deductions such as income tax and retirement.

Health care

New rules may simply have to select their doctor within a group of doctors approved by your employer. But if you are unhappy with your doctor, you still have the right to change doctors. It is important to have a compassionate doctor who is good to care for their injuries and also know the legal requirements for obtaining medical care and other benefits need to injured workers. With the help of a lawyer who represents injured workers you will have the information to choose wisely. You will also know when he can receive medical attention outside the group doctors approved by their employer.

Disability grants

Did you know that many injured workers receiving temporary disability benefits return to their normal jobs? It's true! A lawyer who represents injured workers can fully assess your situation and distinguish the facts that the insurance company and their doctors do not have considered to expand the most of your permanent disability benefit.

Vocational retraining and help in job search

If you become permanently unable to return to work because of your injuries and your employer may not have changed a position, you may be entitled to a voucher money to be used for retraining. The type and amount of benefits will vary depending on the severity of your permanent disability and the date of his injury. With the help of a lawyer who represents injured workers you can be assured it will receive its full benefit.

The injured worker may also have a civil claim for damages:

If you are injured at work because of someone other than your employer, you can have a civil claim for damages in addition to its claim for workers' compensation benefits. Lawyers for Jon M Woods can evaluate your claim and determine whether you are entitled to claim extra for these damages. 
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Jon M. Woods has over 10 years experience of care cases in the Los Angeles and Orange County Area. The firm exclusively representing the injured worker to apply for compensation for injured workers.

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The attorneys and staff of Jon M Woods went after the insurance company after I was denied benefits. The staff was amazing and kept me informed on the process of my case. Within a short time. I received my compensation, medical and got back on my feet.


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