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Restoration of lost wages

You may receive temporary disability payments if you cannot work because of your injuries. Your employer’s insurance company may use different methods for determining the amount of your disability payments. This could result in your receiving less money than you would otherwise be entitled to as part of your disability compensation. With the help of a lawyer who represents injured workers, you can be assured that you will receive the full amount of benefits you are entitled to receive.

Disability grants

Did you know that many injured workers receiving temporary disability benefits return to their normal jobs? It’s true! A lawyer who represents injured workers can fully assess your situation and distinguish the facts that the insurance company and their doctors do not have considered to expand the most of your permanent disability benefit.

The Law Offices of Jon M. Woods, Inc. has over 17 years experience litigating workers’ compensation cases throughout the State of California.  With offices in Orange County, San Diego and Fresno, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Jon M. Woods, Inc. represent injured workers in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura, Fresno and Kern. The firm is dedicated to the exclusive representation of injured workers.   

Possession of this brochure does not establish a lawyer-client relationship. The information in this brochure is not directed at specific facts and does not constitute legal advice. Please call us for a FREE consultation so we may provide you with personalized legal advice.

Health care

If you are unhappy with your doctor, you have the right to change doctors. It is important to have a compassionate doctor whose number one priority is to provide his or her patients with quality medical care and who also know the legal requirements for obtaining medical care and other benefits the injured workers need. With the help of a lawyer who represents injured workers you will have the information to choose your medical provider wisely. You will also know when you can receive medical attention outside the group doctors approved by the employer.

Vocational retraining and help in job search

If you become permanently unable to return to your previous position because of your injuries and your employer does not have a different position available, you may be entitled to a voucher to be used for retraining. The type and amount of benefits varies depending on the severity of your permanent disability and the date of your injury. With the help of a lawyer who represents injured workers, you can be assured that your lawyer will fight for your right to receive your full entitlement of benefits.

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